HM Inspection Intervals

Code Inspection Interval
V External Visual Inspection**
DOT Annual (running gear) Inspection required at this time
I* Internal Visual Inspection Annual
K Leakage Test Annual
L Lining Inspection Annual
UC Upper Coupler Inspection Every 2 Years
T Thickness Test Every 2 Years
P Pressure Test Every 5 Years
CARB California Air Resource Board Vapor Recovery Annual
BIT Running Gear Every 90 Days

**Note: For tanks dedicated to non-corrosive ladings (e.g. Petroleum): V and K are due Annually; I and P are due Every 5 Years.
*Note: Rear Opening Head Visual Inspection due Every 6 Months
Exceptions for MC330/MC331/MC338 - Call us for info

Testing performed in accordance with DOT 49CFR180.407 and 49CFR 393-396